What is VMRL?

The Virtual Motorsport Racing League hosts worldwide championships, involving Formula 1 games and other racing simulators, with international racing drivers since 2021.

Who are we?

Ármin Rába - Swedver
Founder, Co-CEO

My name is Ármin, and I have relentlessly dedicated myself to our goal of elevating our league and making it stand out within the realm of motorsport, since 2021 when the league started. While gathering a strong team during this journey, my ultimate aspiration is for us to evolve into a leading motorsport community in the near future.

Roland Homoki - Zuppaq
Co-CEO, Organizer, FIA president

My name is Roland Homoki, and I work as a full-time sysadmin. I have been interested in Formula 1 for a very long time, and I have been following the events of the sport since 2004. Currently, I hold the position of FIA president within VMRL, and you can also hear me as a commentator. My goal is to be here at the beginning of something big, and with this team, we have every chance to achieve that.

Máté Felföldi - Rákoskutya
Co-CEO, Organizer, Broadcast director

I'm Máté, the co-CEO of VMRL. I joined VMRL as a competitor in the first season, and since then, I have been leading the media department. My goal since joining the team has been to elevate VMRL's presence and image to a higher level.

Levente Guzmics - Levente
Organizer, Commentator

My name is Levente, I'm 21 years old and I'm currently in my second season in the VMRL, because I am interested in Esport.
In the first season I was only a commentator.
My goal is to make the VMRL a prestigious league.

Csaba Vincze - G1nMare
Assistant organizer

Hi my name is Csaba Vincze, and I'm an assistant organizer at VMRL. I'm a Motorsport enthusiastic from a young age. I've interest in Formula car series and GT car series as well. My goals at the league to help it's future.