Event notes

Remaining time until the British Grand Prix

This is the race director’s event notes page, where details of each race track are recorded before the event.

These notes provide essential guidance to drivers, helping them understand the correct approach to corners and avoid potential hazards on the track. Additionally, regular briefings occur between stewards and drivers on VMRL’s Discord server, to ensure that drivers have the proper mindset before hitting the track, minimizing the chances of penalties and misunderstandings for both parties.

If the instructions of the race director are not followed, penalties as outlined in the Rulebook may be imposed.

Italian Grand Prix – Monza – 12/11/2023

Monza escape routes, 2 escape routes will be designated by the race director.

Turn 1-2 (Rettifilo Chicane)

The officially used escape route will be in force, however, as this is not feasible in the game, we ask everyone to make 2 zigzag movements, slowed down sufficiently, before the driver leaves the track and returns to the track.

Turn 4-5 (Roggia chicane)

Here again the official escape route will be used, i.e. from turn 4 the driver exiting the track will continue straight ahead, then make a left turn in front of the barricades, and finally, after leaving the techpro wall, the driver can rejoin the track by turning right.