Season Guide

Register for the VMRL – Sprint Season – F1 23 crossplay season here:


You can read about our rules at our rulebook page!

Important Dates

  • Application deadline: 02/13/2024 23:59
  • Season start: 02/17/2024


In order to participate in the field during the season, it is essential that you have pre-qualified after registration. This will help you to determine if you are in the top 20!
You must complete the pre-qualification rounds in the Time Trial mode of the game, and the organizers will count your best valid round as your registration time.

You have until 23:59 on 13th of February to practice!

As for the track, you will have the opportunity to set the best lap at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Canada. Below you can read about the time trial mode settings you need to set to beat the lap time. Once the deadline has passed, the organizers will select the twenty riders who have qualified for the season, according to the fastest, i.e. the reference time, as set out in the 107% rule witch will be the fastest lap in the pre-qualifying.

If you don’t understand the meaning of the 107% rule, our guide below will shed some light on this seemingly complicated but simple rule. The rule was originally introduced back in 1996, but was dropped from the rulebook at the end of the 2002 season in real Formula 1.

From the second season onwards, anyone with a best pre-qualifying lap of more than 107% of the best qualifying lap, i.e. pole time, will not be allowed to race.

In practice, this means that if your best time at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is 1:09.515, you will need to run a time within 4.883 seconds of that to qualify for the season, but even then you will only be able to take your seat as a full-time driver if you qualify in the top 20.

The 107% can be calculated using the equation below:

Best time/100=X
X*107=Maximum lap time you can achieve

  1. 69.515 sec (1:09.515) / 100 = 0.69515 sec
  2. 0.69515 sec * 107 = 74.38105 sec
  3. 74.38105 sec – 69.515 sec = 4.866 sec

Result: So you have to finish the lap within 4.866 seconds of the best time, which means that 1:14.646 is the last lap that we can accept under the rules, if.

Registration after the deadline

In addition, applicants who register and complete the lap after the deadline of 23:59 on 13 of February will only be allowed to participate, if they have registered and notified one of the organizers of their intention to enter. For information on this rule, see paragraph 4.3 of the League Rules.

Event structure

For the current season, the event will start with a ~20 minutes short qualification , although this may change depending on the number of entrants. This will be followed by a 35% race, where points will be scored on a 25-point Formula 1 scale. In addition, an extra point is awarded for the fastest lap. The race is followed by a compulsory interview with the top three finishers.
  • Short qualification ~20 minutes
  • ~ 3-4 minutes game loading
  • Race (35%) ~30+ minutes

An average race weekend will be ~60+ minutes long

Weather forecast

In this season, we will use the in-game dynamic weather settings.