Lobby settings

Lobby Settings

The following lobby settings will apply to official league tournaments.

EA / Xbox / PS / PC-Steam players are also welcome to enter the tournaments!


Game settings for league races

Lobby Options:

Max players: 22

Session Privacy: Invite Only

Lobby Tag: /

Car Category: F1 2023

Car Setup: Full

Minimum Licence Level: Off

Assist Restrictions:

  • Steering Assist: Off
  • Braking Assist: Off
  • Anti-Lock Brakes: On
  • Traction Control: On
  • Dynamic Racing: Corner only
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Pit Assist: Off
  • Pit Release Assist: Off
  • ERS Assist: Off
  • DRS Assist: Off
  • Force cockpit camera: Off

Weekend structure:

  • Weekend Structure: Standard
  • Practice Format: Off
  • Qualifying Format: Full
  • Session Length: Long (50%)
  • Starting grid: N/A

Weather & Time:

  • Quick Weather: Dynamic
  • Session Start Time: Realistic
  • Forecast accuracy: Approximetly

Rules & Flags:

  • Rules & Flags: On
  • Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict
  • Parc Fermé: On
  • Pit Stop Experience: Immersive
  • Safety Car: Reduced
  • Safety Car Experience: immersive
  • Formation Lap: Off
  • Formation Lap Experience: immersive
  • Red Flags: Off
  • Affects Licence Level: Off

Simulation Settings:

  • Equal Car Performance: On
  • Recovery Mode: None
  • Surface Type: realistic
  • Low Fuel Mode: Hard
  • Race Starts: Manual
  • Tyre Temperature: Surface & Carcass
  • Pit lane Tyre Sim: Off
  • Unsafe Pit Release: On
  • Car Damage: Reduced
  • Car Damage Rate: Standard
  • Collisions: On
  • Off for First Lap Only: Disabled
  • Off for Griefing: Disabled

Simulation Settings:

  • AI difficulty: 80

All input devices are allowed, but we recommend using racing wheel for the best experience!

Game settings for Pre-Qualifying

Car and track selection

  • Track: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
  • Car Type: F1 2023
  • Equal Car Performance: On
  • Car: Individually optional
  • Session Start Time: Official