Season guide for season 2

Register for the VMRL powered by Simboostr Season 2 – F1 23 crossplay season here:


You can read about our rules at our rulebook page!

Important Dates

  • Application deadline: 14/09/2023
  • Application deadline: 24/09/2023 23:59
  • Season start: 01/10/2023
  • End of season: 17/12/2023
  • Award ceremony: 07-01/01/2024


Individual championship

1st place – 60.000 HUF – (~130 GBP – ~150 EUR ) MediaMarkt gift card

2nd place – 40.000 HUF – (~89 GBP – ~100 USD ) MediaMarkt gift card

3rd place – 20.000 HUF – (~40 GBP – ~50 EUR ) MediaMarkt gift card

Constructors’ Championship

1st place – 20.000 HUF (2 x 10.000 HUF (~40 GBP – ~50 EUR )) MediaMarkt gift card – If more than two competitors (who also scored points) participated in a given team, the prize will be distributed in proportion to the points scored.

Simboostr Hot Lap Challenge

A competitor who wins a qualifying time trial in a given qualifying session will receive a 20% Simboostr subscriber discount, which can be cumulative if they win more than once.
Also, whoever wins the most time trials will win 3 months of free use of simboostr.com products.


In order to participate in the field during the season, it is essential that you have pre-qualified after registration. This will help you to determine if you are in the top 20!

To do this, you need to register on simboostr.com, where you can download the logger client after creating your user account, and link it to the game as described in the software help. Then all your round data will be saved and you can analyse it in the web application.

You must complete the pre-qualification rounds in the Time Trial mode of the game, and the organisers will count your best valid round as your registration time. It is important to have the Simboostr data logger running in the background while completing Time Trial rounds, as this is the only way your data will be saved.

You have until 23:59 on 24 September to practice!

As for the track, you will have the opportunity to set the best lap at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Canada.
  As of 13 September, the target time is 1:09.515, to which you can measure yourself. The Simboostr telemetry analysis software will be a great help in breaking this record, so use it in good health!
Also, below you can read about the time trial mode settings you need to set to beat the lap time.

If you encounter any problems while using the logger client, feel free to contact the organizers or the developers of Simboostr on their Discord server.
If you want to learn more about Simboostr’s logging client, we highly recommend the article in Rajtvonal Magazin.

Once the deadline has passed, the organiyers will select the twenty riders who have qualified for the season, according to the fastest, i.e. the reference time, as set out in the 107% rule.

Also, it is important to know that we only accept lap times that are present in Simboostr’s system, so if you send us a screenshot, it will be ignored!

107% rule explanation

If you don’t understand the meaning of the 107% rule, our guide below will shed some light on this seemingly complicated but simple rule.

The rule was originally introduced back in 1996, but was dropped from the rulebook at the end of the 2002 season in real Formula 1.

From this season onwards, anyone with a best pre-qualifying lap of more than 107% of the best qualifying lap, i.e. pole time, will not be allowed to race.

In practice, this means that if your best time at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is 1:09.515, you will need to run a time within 4.883 seconds of that to qualify for the season, but even then you will only be able to take your seat as a full-time driver if you qualify in the top 20.

The 107% can be calculated using the equation below:

Best time/100=X
X*107=Maximum lap time you can achieve

  1. 69.515 sec (1:09.515) / 100 = 0.69515 sec
  2. 0.69515 sec * 107 = 74.38105 sec
  3. 74.38105 sec – 69.515 sec = 4.866 sec

Result: So you have to finish the lap within 4.866 seconds of the best time, which means that 1:14.646 is the last lap that we can accept under the rules, if.

Team selection

Team selection is available to the top twenty riders at the beginning of the season after the end of the pre-qualification, which can be done through individual selection. This will then be done by the organisers in order from the rider with the best round to the worst, based on a personal request via Discord. 

In addition, perhaps if two competitors know each other, they could even form a team.

Reserve riders

Those who fall outside the 107% reference time with their registered lap will not be eligible to compete in the season, but those who fall outside the top 20 will be allowed to join the field as reserve riders. They may be placed on teams by individual selection, up to a maximum of two different teams.

Registration after the deadline

In addition, applicants who register and complete the lap after the deadline of 23:59 on 24 September will only be allowed to participate, if they have registered and notified one of the organizers of their intention to enter. For information on this rule, see paragraph 4.3 of the League Rules.

Game settings for Pre-Qualifying

Car and track selection

  • Track: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
  • Car Type: F1 2023
  • Equal Car Performance: On
  • Car: Individually optional
  • Session Start Time: Official

Simboostr discount

Simboostr would like to offer all league riders an 80% coupon for the pro subscription for 3 months of the season. This means that anyone who redeems it will get €1 instead of €5 per month for the pro package.

The coupon code will be sent by email at the beginning of the season.

Calendar of competitions

All races will be held on Sunday, however the start times will vary depending on the actual Formula 1 races, but the organiyers hope to have these races starting between 17:00-16:00 (UTC+2), for which it is recommended to arrive 30 minutes early to ensure that everyone can take their place in their chosen team before the race!
Furthermore, the season will consist of 10 races, which will be held on the following courses

1. Portuguese Grand Prix October 1st 17:00 UTC+2
2. Belgian Grand Prix October 8th 16:00 UTC+2
3. Brazilian Grand Prix October 15th 17:00 UTC+2
4. Mexican Grand Prix October 22nd 17:00 UTC+2
5. Spanish Grand Prix November 5th 15:30 UTC+2
6. Italian Grand Prix November 12th 17:00 UTC+2
7. British Grand Prix November 19th 17:00 UTC+2
8. American Grand Prix December 3rd 17:00 UTC+2
9. Bahrain Grand Prix December 10th 17:00 UTC+2
10. Hungarian Grand Prix December 17th 17:00 UTC+2

Event structure

For the current season, the event will start with a 1-hour full time qualification, although this may change depending on the number of entrants. This will be followed by a 50% race, where points will be scored on a 25-point Formula 1 scale.
In addition, an extra point is awarded for the fastest lap
The race is followed by a compulsory interview with the top three finishers.

No sprint race will be held during the season.

  •   Full qualification ~1 hour (Q1/Q2/Q3)
  •   ~ 3-4 minutes game loading
  •   Race (50%) ~45+ minutes
  •   Interviews with the first three ~15 min

An average race weekend will be ~90+ minutes long.

Points system

The 25-point scale will be used throughout the season:

Distribution of points

  1. = 25 points
  2.  = 18 points
  3.  = 15 point
  4.  = 12 points
  5.  = 10 points
  6.  = 8 points
  7.  = 6 points
  8.  = 4 points
  9.  = 2 points
  10.  = 1 points

11-20. = 0 points

Fastest lap (in the race) = +1 point (only if you finish in the top 10)

Recording of the competition

All our competitors who enter VMRL competitions must record their competition.

If this does not happen, the FIA will not be able to make accurate decisions on specific protests and other incidents because there will not be enough information.
If a driver does not post a link to the recording on YouTube or other platforms to the #race-recordings channel within 2 days after the race, the FIA will issue a warning to the driver.
If three such warnings are accumulated, the driver will be disqualified from the season and a replacement driver may be put in his place.

Weather forecast

To add an extra excitement factor to the races, the organizers have introduced the concept of variable weather, which is not based on the “Dynamic weather” setting found in the game, but on a randomly drawn weather factor, the details of which will be announced 1 day before each race.

It is important to note that these weather variations will be kept within reasonable limits, for example, they will not be combined with flood events or situations that would be incompatible with reality.

The aim is to make competitions more exciting.